Kenmuir Church in Mount Vernon
Early History Mount Vernon

In 1742 a Glasgow merchant named Robert Boyd purchased the 'Old Extent of Windyedge' and renamed it Mount Vernon, in honour of Admiral Edward Vernon of the Royal Navy who was famous at that time for his expedition against the Spanish Main.
Another Glasgow merchant, George Buchanan whose family had extensive interests in tobacco trade purchased the land in 1758.

In 1877 there was no established church catering for the Spititual needs of the area, the nearest chuches being in Baillieston, Shettleston and Cambuslang.
Employment in the area of Mount Vernon consisted mainly of coal mining or iron working - not a very affluent or promising location in which to build a new church. This would require extensive funding that in turn would place a huge finacial burden on relatively poorly paid manual labourers. But, with God, all things are possible, and the Spiritual needs of the people of Mount Vernon and surrounding villages far outweighed their materialistic needs and so a committee was formed to look into the possibility of raising funds to build a church.
The committee's efforts to raise money to built the church were somewhat set back because of the nations financial crisis. So things were put on hold for a time.

In 1881 the first Minister of Kenmuir Mount Vernon was appointed by Hamilton Prebytery - the Rev J.C. Hutton - in the Parish of Old Monklands to meet the spitritual needs of 2000 souls resident in the villages of:
Clyde Iron Works
Mount Vernon
With the appointment of a full-time minister. the building committee was quick to resurrect the plans to build a new church. The cost was estimated to be 3,000 for a 540 'Sitter' church (equivalent to approximately 330,000 in 2016)..

The committee secured the following sponsors: However, generous as these grants were, the poor people of Mount Vernon would need to raise an additional 1,600 (approximately 175,000 in 2016). Trusting in the providence of Almighty God, the committee decided to go ahead, and in faith and with fervent prayer, the Church sanctuary was built as a 'Chapel of Ease'. It was elevated to become a quoad sacra' parish and named Kenmuir Church of Scotland Quoad sacra' meant that the parish was established only for eclesiastical purposes. In 1932 the Church was renamed as Kenmuir Mount Vernon, emphasising the growing importance of Mount Vernon at that time.

The Memorial Stone was laid on 30 September 1882 by Rev P. Cameron Black, In the same year that William Alexander Smith (later Sir William) on 4th October 1883 founded the Boys' Brigade (which was the first uniformed organisation for boys in the world), the building of the sanctuary was completed, but being 10% over budget, the total cost was now 3,300. As the promised grants from the two Trusts did not fully cover the costs of all the building work, the good people of Mount Vernon had to 'dig deep' and give enough to fund the on-going building and interest costs to enable the church to pay contractors and purchase materials - and this they did for a period of 9 years raising a total of 1,440.00. As they were 455 short, a special appeal for an additional 460.00 was launched that not only involved the congregation (at that time 244 subscribing members) but also the local community and other churches in the Presbytery. By God's Grace, this appeal was successful, and by 1892 the church was debt free. Thus the condition attached to the Ferguson Trust grant was fulfilled and so all grants were fully paid as promised and were gratefully and thankfully received.

By God's Grace, the congregstion's sacrificial giving continuded.beyond the build of the Sanctuary because the church Elders and Managers identified that not only was a Manse needed but also a Hall to accommodate the Boys' Brigade company (that was already flourishing) and the many other Church activities.that were on-going at that time.

The current Church Hall adjacent to Kenmuir Mount Vernon church was opened and dedicated on Wednesday 20th January 1937 by the
the Very Rev. Prof. D Lamont, D.D.

and chaired by the incumbant minister the Rev. N. Munro Murray, M.A.

Ministers of Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church

J C HuttonRev J.C. Hutton(1897-1909)Pastor 1882-1897 then inducted as First Minister appointed by Hamilton Presbytery in 1897
G A StalkerRev George Alexander Stalker B.D.(1910-1926)
No Image AvailableRev R. Laurie Kilgour M.A.(1926-1931)
No Image AvailableRev Munro Murray M.A.(1932-1947)
W MartinRev William Martin M.A.(1947-1973)
M GibsonRev H. Marshall Gibson M.A., B.D.(1974-1982)
J M DaviesRev James M. Davies B.Sc., B.D.(1982-1998)
B McDowallRev Bruce McDowall B.A., B.D.(1999-2001)Now Minister Park United Free Church of Scotland, Uddingston
M MacleanRev Murdo Maclean B.D.(2001-Date)The current minister - Another evangelical preacher. Murdo was called to Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church from the Tron Church in Glasgow where he was ...

Kenmuir Mount Vernon Images

The building of the new Kenmuir's church was completed in 1883 and officially dedicated to the worship of God that same year.

Kenmuir Chapel 1883
Having just been able to clear all the Church debts by 1893 there was an additional stipulation that the Chapel that was erected should become a Quoad Sacra Parish Church. But this required that the church be raised to the status of an Endowed Territorial Church again threatening the conditions of the Grants already received. Accordingly, the church organised a Bazaar in the Trades Hall in Glassford Street on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 1893. The entry fee was 1/- (1 shilling) on the first day and 6d (6 pence) on the latter two days.

Sale Of Work 1894
A few months after the Bazzar, a Sale of Work was organised for Saturday 10th March 1894 from 3pm to 10pm. 7 Hours for a Sale of Work on a Saturday afternoon and evening - it must have been some sale!

Sacred Concert 1898
Thursday 10th November 1898 - an evening Sacred Concert! Not cheap with tickets priced at 2/-, 1/- and 6d each but what a concert that must have been with orchestra, choir, and soloists on piano, violin and cornet. An interesting historical point is that there were carriages at 10pm to take parishiners home - how posh is that?

Re-Opening of Church
We see from this poster that two Special Services of thanksgiving, to celebrate the re-opening of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church were held on the Sabbath day, 19th August - but in what year? There is no ndication.

Sketch of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church
Free-hand sketch of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church

External view of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church
External view of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church

Arial View of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church
Ariel (Google) view of Kenmuir Mount Vernon church

In 1983 the church celebrated its centenary with the restoration of the South facing stained glass window (at the rear of the church overooking London Road)

Centenary  Guests 1983
Centenary Guests - Year 1983 - from left to right
Hamilton Presbytery Representative, Rev William Martin (retired 1973), Rev Angus T Stewart (Glasgow Presbytery), Rev James Davies, Moderator (General Assembly), Rev Marshall Gibson

Session 1983
Members of Session - Year 1983 - from left to right, Back Row then Front Row
Jack Dalrymple, Tom Hamilton, Jim Haig, Bill Jack, Dick McLaren, John Buchanan, John Patrick
Martin Boyd, Danny Cree, Rev Jim Davies, John Smith, Ronald Sutherland (Seeion Clerk)

The following are internal views of the restored South facing stained glass windows in Kenmuir Mount Vernon church taken in the centerary year 1983

South facing Windows
View of the South facing Stained Glass Windows (at rear of Sanctuary)

Organ pipes above Pulpit
View from pulpit towards the South facing Stained Glass windows (at back of the Sanctuary)

Circular Window
Circular South facing Stained Glass Window (at rear of Sanctuary)

Three windowsw
Detail view of the 3 South facing Stained Glass Windows (at rear of Sanctuary)

Sanctuary view from Pulpit
View of South facing Stained Glass windows at rear of Sanctuary from Pulpit

The following are internal views of Pulpit, Communion Table and Prpe Organ in Kenmuir Mount Vernon church as viewed from the pews (photos circa 1983)

The magnificent central pulpit at front of the Sanctuary

Organ pipes above Pulpit
View of Organ Pipes above the pulpit at front of the Sanctuary

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