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Normally held in Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church's vestry starting at 7.00pm..

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Kenmuir and Carmyle Prayer List

Week commencing Sunday 9th November 2018

Calvin on Prayer
None can really pray to God but those who with a pure heart fear and rightly worship Him.

The discipline of the cross is necessary, so that earnest prayer may become vigorous in us.

Our own scanty desires hinder God from pouring out His gifts upon us in greater abundance.

Lloyd-Jones on Prayer
Believers used to use this great term - "Pleading the promises." You never hear it now. Why? Because people do not really pray any longer, they send little telegrams to God. They think that is the height of spirituality. They know nothing about "wrestling" with God and "pleading the promises".

Our first prayer is not prayer for statesmen, nor for friends or relatives, nor for other nations, that is not the first prayer. The first prayer is to plead with God to come into His Church, to manifest His glory to show us something of the might of His power and to fill us with that power.

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