Kenmuir Mount Vernon Services
All services are Presbyterian, evangelical and biblical in form.

Form of Worship

Because of the high esteem in which we hold God's Word, the Bible, we always stand as the Bible is brought into the sanctuary at the beginning of our Sunday morning Services and we remain standing as the minister, specificcally the Rev Murdo Maclean, issues the Call to Worship.
After the Call to Worship, we remain standing as we approach the throne of grace and continue our worship to Almighty God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), as we sing the first Hymn (Psalm or saong of worship).
When the service is taken by the Ordained Local Minister (O.L.M.) Rev. Dr. Roland Hunt, there is a slight variation in that we remain standing after the Bible is brought in, then we are invited to sit before the First Hymn. Frequently, while seated after the first Hymn, we are invited to sing a short Hymn of approach before the first prayer,
The hymn numbers are normally displayed on the two boards at the front of the church.
Thereafter, during worship, we normally stand to sing but sit for the remainder of the service. The only exception is we normally remain seated, singing a hymn, as we bring our offerings to the Lord.
Hymns, Psalms and Songs of Worship are normally taken from 2 sources, issued as we enter the sanctuary, mainly from Mission Praise but also from Church Hymnary 3.
In addition, there are two overhead screens, on which the hymns, psalms and worship songs are displayed.
There is a New International Version (NIV) of the Holy Bible available on entry to the sanctuary and most Bible readings are read from this.

The Sunday morning Service

The service starts at 10.30am in Kenmuir Mount Vernon church. However, it is best to arrive at least 10 minutes before the service starts as an individual members of the congregation will have selected up to 3 hymns or songs of worship and these are sung as gathering songs starting 10 minutes before the actual service begins.
The Sunday morning Service is the main worship service (based on numbers attending). Approximately 80 or more members regularly attend Kenmuir's Sunday morning Service.
Normally, the service takes approximatedly 60 minutes (but exceptionally may take 75 minutes). Holy Communion is celebrated, at the morning service, 4 times annually, normally the second Sunday of March, June, September and December. Occasionally, the Communion Service may be celebrated on alternate dates, but such changes are always announced in advance.
Sunday morning Services are always held in the Church Sanctuary.
The service normally consists of a Call to Worship, Prayers (of approach, supplication, thanksgiving and petitions to Almighty God), normally 5 Hymns or Psalms or worship songs together with at least one Bible reading and an offering.

The central act of worship is the Sermon (expository preaching of a Biblical text).
The service concludes with the minister pronouncing a benediction.
Singing is normally accompanied by the pipe organ (organists is normally Kenny Mason but occasionally Colin M McDonald)

Special Facilities normally available at the Sunday morning Service

During the months of September through until the following June, there is normally a Creche (for very young children enabling mothers to attend the Service), a Sunday School (for young school aged children) and a Bible Class (for teenagers).
Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to bring their children to the Sunday morning Church Service where trained staff are avaibable, all of whom have the appropriate Government qualifications for looking after children.
The younger school age children remain in the sanctuary for the first part of the service before going to their respective classes. Teenagers normally remain in the sanctury for the duration of the service, but, on occasions, may leave the sanctury to attend classes specifically tailored for them.
Click for some images of < Kenmuir Sunday School and Creche.
Normally, a short time of Christian fellowship is enjoyed after the service, with teas and coffee (and biscuits and cakes) served in the adjacent church hall.
On a number of occasions, immediately after the morning service, the congregation have an opportunity for an extented time of Christian fellowship when soup and (bring your own) sandwiches are served in the church hall that is located along the corridor from the sanctuary.

A typical Order of Service

On entry to the sanctuary, welcoming elders and other members will offer visitors an NIV Bible, the hymn books that will be used during the service, and a service sheet that always includes the order of service, intimations for the coming week and any important events taking place in near future.

- Up to 3 hymns, psalms or songs of worship as gathering songs.
The service then starts at 10.30am.
- The minister reads a Biblical passage as a 'Call to Worship'
- The First Hymn
- Prayer of Approach and Thanksgiving
- The Second Hymn (often the children's Hymn)
- Children's address
The younger children normally leave the sanctuary to attend their Sunday School in the adjacent church hall
- The offering (singing the chosen offering hymn remaining seated)
- Prayer (Dedication, Supplication and Petitions)
- The Third Hymn
- The Bible Reading(s)
- The Fourth Hymn
- The Expository Sermon
- The Fifth and Final Hymn
- The Benedition
A time of Christian fellowship with teas and coffee (cakes and biscuits) in the adjacent hall

On-line podcasts of Bible readings and Sermons

The Bible Readings and the Sermons at Kenmuir Mount Vernon are recorded, courtesy of Colin M McDonald, and are available on-line at:
             Recorded Sermons and Bible Readings
Although recorded in Kenmuir Mount Vernon church, these are the same Bible readings and Sermons for Carmyle Church delivered on alternate Sundays.

Public worship continues on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm

At the evening services there is no Creche nor Sunday School nor Bible Class, but all children are welcome to attend the evening service with their parent(s) or grand-parents. Teenagers are of course welcome at all services.
This service is normally 60 minutes duration (and seldom exceeds that). Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church and Carmyle Church is a linked charge, and both of them are grouped, by Glasgow Presbetary, with Sandyhills Church.
Between the months of September, through to June the following year (excluding January), there are evening services that are normally held in rotation in the sanctuary of these three churches as follows:
     - Sandyhills Church                       - the 1st Sunday evening in the month
     - Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church - the 2nd Sunday evening in the month
     - Carmyle Church                          - the 4th Sunday evening in the month.
Normally there is no evening service on the 3rd Sunday evening in the month, nor the 5th Sunday evening when there is a 5th Sunday in the month. There may, however, be special services held in one of the churches with guest preachers and visiting missionaries or Christian charity workers.
The Sunday evening services normally consists of Prayers, 3 or 4 Hymns together with a Bible reading and a Sermon. Normally an offering is NOT uplifted, but a retiring offering may be appropriate when missionaries or a Christian charity is conducting the service. Normally we stand to sing, but otherwise renain seated except after the last hym, we remain standing for the benediction.
Singing is normally accompanied, by the organ, piano and/or and electric keyboard.
During the months of July, August and January there is normally NO Sunday evening Service.

The Mid-Week Service at 7.00pm on Wednesday evenings

This service is normally 90 minutes duration (but may well, and frequently does, exceed that).
The mid-week service is normally held in the Vestry of Kenmuir Church. Sometimes it consists of a short time of Hymn singing (no accompaniment, Hymns chosen on the night by those attending). This is followed by a time of Prayer then a Bible Study with questions and (hopefully, answers). There is no offering at the mid-week service.
There are periods when the Bible Study element is replaced with a Christian video course or special talks that help Christians grow in their faith. These courses normally start at 7.30pm in the Kenmuir Mount Vernon's sanctuary but are always preceded with a time of prayer strating at 7.00pm in Kenmuir's Vestry. Normally, during the months of July and August, there are NO mid-week services. The mid-week service is aimed at adults, but any teenager who wished to attend would be made most welcome.
When hymns are chosen, the hymns and songs of worship are normally chosen from the Mission Praise hymn book.
Because this service focuses on Bible Study, attendees are encouraged to bring their own Bibles, because this offers the opportunity, when studying God's Word, to look at different translations and compare these. NIV copies of the Bible are available if required.

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