Carmyle and Kenmuir Mount Vernon Churches'
Prayer and Bible Study meeting.

All services are Presbyterian, evangelical and biblical in form.

Wednesday (17th April 2019).
There is NO Prayer nor Bible Study during Easter Week

Normally these services are every Wednesday evening excepting a summer break in the months June through to August and again a break in January avoiding inclement weather.
This service is normally 90 minutes duration (but may well, and frequently does, exceed that).

The form of the Mid-Week Services

The form of these services varies over the course of a year and can include one or more of the following:
- The traditional form is a straight forward period of prayer either followed by or preceded by an Bible study currently led by the Ordained Local Minister (O.L.M.) (the Rev. Dr. Roland Hunt), or in his absense by the minister (Rev. Murdo Maclean) or an elder of the church.
- Occasionally, the prayer and Bible study is preceded by a short time of Hymn singing (there is no musical accompaniment) with the Hymn(s) chosen on the night by those attending. This is followed either by a time of Prayer then a Bible Study with questions and (hopefully, answers).
- There are occasions when the Bible Study element is replaced with a Christian video course or special talks that help Christians grow in their faith. On such occasions, there is always a time of prayer starting at 7.00pm and lasting for about 30 minutes.
When courses are used, they normally start at 7.30pm in the Kenmuir Mount Vernon's sanctuary rather than the Vestry
There is no offering at the mid-week service. However, whenever a special guest is invited, usually representing one of the Christian Missionary Societies, a retiring offering is taken to support the outreach of the Missionary Society.
When hymns are chosen, the hymns and songs of worship are normally chosen from the Mission Praise hymn book.
Because this service focuses on Bible Study, attendees are encouraged to bring their own Bibles, because this offers the opportunity, when studying God's Word, to look at different translations and compare these. NIV copies of the Bible are available if required.

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