Carmyle and Kenmuir Mount Vernon Sunday evening Services
All services are Presbyterian, evangelical and biblical in form.
Joint evening service Sunday 2nd June 2019 at 6.30pm This Sunday Evening Service will be in Sandyhills Church.

Joint Services at 6.30pm on Sunday evenings The form of the Sunday evening Services

The Sunday evening services would normally not exceed 1 hours duration, but on occasions when there are visiting speakers it may slightly exceed this time. Often, but not always, there is tea and coffee afterwards that encourages Christian fellowship among the members and adherents from the various churches.
The form of the normal evening service usually follows the pattern:
- The Bible (normally this already is in the sanctuary as the service starts)
- Call to worship (Bible passage)
- Opening Hymn (psalm or worship song)
- A Prayer
- A second Hymn
- A Bible Reading
- The third Hymn
- The Sermon
- The closing Hymn
- The Benediction
Normally, at the evening service no offering is uplifted, but when there are special quest speakers, especially if they are witnessing on brhalf of a Christian charity organisation, there will be an opportunity to contribute to the work of that charity through a retiring offering.

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