T.L.C. - Officially the "Tea Lovers Circle"
(Coffee drinkers welcome)

Unofficially but realistically
T.L.C. - "Tender Loving Care"

Contact :      Ann Gourlay     T.L.C. Co-ordinator

The plan is to encourage carers and those who require care to come along and join with others in a safe environment where everyone can 'shake of the Monday blues' and share in fun and laughter over hot drinks and cake.

Members and friends are welcome to join us at any of the above events

Kenmuir Mount Vernon and Carmyle church started the T.L.C. August 2013. This was an idea of the minister, the Rev Murdo Maclean, to encourage friendship, especially to offer companionship to those in the church, and in the wider community, that were living on their own or acting as carers for a loved one (but not exclusively). It is open to all ages, men and women whether they are members, adherents or neither of these.
The idea is to take the church out to the parish that it serves
It does this by organising events to encourage an exchange of ideas that relate to 'church', but in a neutral setting such as a cafe rather than in the confines of a formal church.setting.
It recognises that non-church people may be intimidated to visit the church per se, but happy to meet in a cafe over coffee/tea and cakes (that includes a bit of laughter and fun).
These events may be organised round a coffee morning, an afternoon tea or, on occasions, a bus trip that usually includes stopping off for a light lunch.
A list of previous T.L.C. events Follows:

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