Carmyle and Kenmuir Mount Vernon Services
All services are Presbyterian, evangelical and biblical in form.

Carmyle and Kenmuir Mount Vernon Churches

Carmyle Church and Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church is a linked charge, under the ministry of the Rev. Murdo Maclean, BD.     Glasgow Presbytery has appointed Rev. Dr. Roland Hunt, PhD (Astrophysics) as an Ordained Local Minister (O.L.M.) to assist the minister in both Carmyle and Kenmuir Mount Vernon churches. One Sunday morning the minister (Rev. Murdo Maclean) officiates at Carmyle church and the O.L.M. (Rev. Dr. Roland Hunt) officiates at Kenmuir Mount Vernon church. On alternate Sundays they reverse their roles preaching the same Sermon in the two churches on alternate Sundays. That way, both use the same Bible readings and Sermons in one or other of the two churches ensuring that both congregations are treated similarly..
Both of these churches are grouped, by Glasgow Presbetary, with Sandyhills Church (the charge is currently vacant).

Links to details of church Services

For full details of all Church Services click the following links:
    - Click for details of Kenmuir Mount Vernon Sunday morning Service starting at 10.30am
    - Click for details of Carmyle Church Sunday morning Service starting at 12.00 noon.
    - Click for details of Joint Sunday evening Service starting at 6.30pm
    - Click for details of Joint Bible Study and Prayer meeting starting at 7.00pm

Links to on-line podcasts of Sunday Services

The services (or more accurately, the Bible readings and the Sermons) are recorded (courtesy of Colin M McDonald) and, after editing to enhance the sound quality these are uploaded to the internet as audio podcasts and are available to anyone, with an active internet (broadband) connection, by using the following link:
             Podcasts of Sermons and Bible Readings
Currently, the morning service Podcasts are recorded at Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church
(Carmyle Church have the same services on alternate weeks).
The evening services at both Carmyle and Kenmuir are also recorded as Podcasts.
The Bible readings and Sermons are uploaded as two separate files that are identified by the date they were recorded.
Joint evening services at Sandhills are also recorded and are available on their website at:
             Sandyhill's audio recordings

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